Mix Home Stead Designs

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This is an online shop I create for the artist Evie Mix. I created the design according to her request. She uses it to sell her art work.


I set this site up to be easy to use for Evie. So, that meant I had to handle all of the Woo-Commerce integration myself. Otherwise it is just a standard WordPress and Woo-Commence site.

  • WordPress
    • Used to create and manage the site.
  • Woo-Commerce
    • Used for the e-commence.
  • Site Ground
    • I host the site on Site Ground.


I used a base theme to get started with the design. Evie wanted the site's color pallet to be the same as her logo. She also wanted to have a rustic look. So, first I spent a long time looking through many photos to find the perfect picture of homey rustic looking wood to place the logo upon. Then I heavily edited the theme to match her requirements. After a few revisions she okayed the site and that is what currently is live.


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