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This is a tool I made for the owner of It allows for the easy restoration of deleted questions from their backup database.

The tool had to be quick and not crash the server since it will be running on the same server as the site. has over 400k questions on currently on their site with even more response data attached to it. So, I had to make sure that MySQL was very optimized and that everything was appropriately limited.


I developed the tool on a local dev environment that I constructed. I was sent a copy of the database and the site so I could properly test things.

The tool comes with a config file which could be used to adjust things such as where the question data is being pulled from.

It also has a simple and advanced mode. They both function the same but the simple mode has less data and config options up front.

When developing the tool I had to also take into consideration the responses and assets associated with each question. So, to properly restore a question I first had to get all the missing questions, then see if any of the replies or assets were missing, and then restore all of them by copying them back into the database.

Please note that none of the assets actually get deleted. Just the reference to them in the database do.

And yes I did write all of this in just pure JavaScript and PHP.

Full List Of Technology Used
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

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