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I got into programming because I really wanted to make video games. I started teaching myself when I was around 12 years old. I begged my dad to buy me Game Maker 7. I worked hard on our Windows Vista computer for years teaching myself the basics of programming and game development. By the time I had left for college I had made several games in Game Maker. Video games take a lot of time and effort and for me they are a labor of love. Honestly I don’t play video games very much. I’ve probably spent more time working on them then playing them. I love the complexity and the intense amount of systemic thinking you have to do.

Below are some past project of mine. All I have for the Game Maker games is the Game Maker files and executables so I won’t share the code here. But for the Love2D game all the code is on GitHub. These are not all the games I made over the years but they are the ones I feel comfortable sharing.


Orbital Drift

When I was in college I was part of an enterprise group called “Husky Game Development”. This is a trailer I made for the game my group worked on. The game was made in Unity.

I created the video for it also. The video was all made in Adobe After Effects.

Turn Based RPG Engine

I made an engine for a turn-based RPG game. This game complete with an inventory system, a leveling up system, and item pickup system, a quest system, store system, and an NPC system. I made this when I was about 18. It is all done in Game Maker 8.1.

Lua Love2D Turn Based RPG

This was a turn-based RPG game that I was making with Love2D and Lua. I am actually still making a turn-based RPG in the Babylon.js game engine now. I am using what I learned to make this in making the other one. I will probably not finish this because of the other project. But I learned a lot from making it.

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