Level Creator

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This is a 3d level structure creator program. It allows you to place models in a 3d space and export just their positional data. You can also attach more data to each object and add different types of objects such as lights and specific points in space. These structures then can be easily loaded into any game and used.

Upon release the creator will have two modes. One for just normal models and another for voxel based structures.


All of the program is developed from scratch using just TypeScript. The only external dependencies are Babylon.Js and Electron.

Full List Of Technology Used
  • TypeScript
    • Used to write all of the source code
  • Babylon.JS
    • Used to provide the 3D rendering onto the canvas element.
  • Electron
    • Used to make it into a desktop application.


The entire program follows OOP and the MVC design pattern. The data for the models are never actually stored in the display. Everything is an object behind the scenes.


This is actually an iteration of a program I made for a game I am developing. I realized it's potential so I broke it out into a whole separate application. I started this before the voxel engine and decided to include it into the final release.

Currently there is no link to the source code. Since I may be releasing this as a commercial product.


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